Earthly Problems and Eternal Promises

The new decade arrived with violent turbulence and waves of suffering,sweeping across our world. Uncontainable wildfires breathe destruction inAustralia. Unexpected earthquakes shake the ground and shake the hope of the people in an already devastated Puerto Rico. Coronavirus lurks ominously in bodies, with the threat of spreading. Unfathomable grief surrounds a helicopter crash that claimedContinue reading “Earthly Problems and Eternal Promises”

13 Reasons Why- Thoughts from a Counselor and Survivor of Suicide

The pang of the word “suicide” sends a shockwave of emotion through the hearts of those of us  who have grieved our way through this tragic departure. Years before I became a counselor or experienced a personal loss to suicide, I was a mental health advocate. I dedicated countless hours of undergrad to promoting suicideContinue reading “13 Reasons Why- Thoughts from a Counselor and Survivor of Suicide”

The Most Wonderful (or Hardest) Time of the Year

Inevitable, it is. Red and green adorn everything- sometimes a stylish white and gold expression, instead. Christmas villages, winter wonderlands, and nativity scenes are carefully curated. Coffee shops, stores, streets, and houses boast decor- basking in the glory of  “the most wonderful time of the year.” I cracked a smile as I looked at the worldContinue reading “The Most Wonderful (or Hardest) Time of the Year”

When God Shakes Things Up

Riding roller coasters might just be one of the most exhilarating and equally terrifying activities in my life. Many fellow roller coaster enthusiasts live for the drop- that moment where you look down and see the never-ending stretch of metal or wood that lies before you. Despite the dive into the unknown adventure, we makeContinue reading “When God Shakes Things Up”