A Mama’s Day in Three-Word Phrases

These long days are marked by  the same things  over and over.  A morning cry. Quiet time interrupted.  “Let’s go potty.” “Let’s get dressed.” Complaints about breakfast.  (demanding something else) “I want muffins!” “I want cereal!” Pack the snacks.  Pack the lunches.  Pack the water. Another sibling rivalry, followed by reconciliation. “Hurry up, guys!” “GonnaContinue reading “A Mama’s Day in Three-Word Phrases”

Boy or Girl-You’re Perfect for Us

It’s Thanksgiving Day. The smell of comfort foods permeates the kitchen. In an effort to distract myself from my violently growling stomach, I decide to occupy the unpredictable period of waiting time before my aunt will beckon us to wash up and pray. I sway rhythmically around the kitchen with my cousin’s two month oldContinue reading “Boy or Girl-You’re Perfect for Us”

Earthly Problems and Eternal Promises

The new decade arrived with violent turbulence and waves of suffering,sweeping across our world. Uncontainable wildfires breathe destruction inAustralia. Unexpected earthquakes shake the ground and shake the hope of the people in an already devastated Puerto Rico. Coronavirus lurks ominously in bodies, with the threat of spreading. Unfathomable grief surrounds a helicopter crash that claimedContinue reading “Earthly Problems and Eternal Promises”

Mindless Meals for Time Maximization

It’s fall, ya’ll! This seasonal shift comes with a full to-do list, each year. Fall is inevitability one of the busiest seasons for me. Work obligations, holiday promotions for my small business ventures, plus the general, rapidly approaching “holiday buzz” as I prepare my mind for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything in between! This year’sContinue reading “Mindless Meals for Time Maximization”