A Mama’s Day in Three-Word Phrases

These long days

are marked by 

the same things 

over and over. 

A morning cry.

Quiet time interrupted. 

“Let’s go potty.”

“Let’s get dressed.”

Complaints about breakfast. 

(demanding something else)

“I want muffins!”

“I want cereal!”

Pack the snacks. 

Pack the lunches. 

Pack the water.

Another sibling rivalry,

followed by reconciliation.

“Hurry up, guys!”

“Gonna be late!”

Drop them off. 

Work from home. 

Make the beds.

Do the laundry. 

Meeting after meeting. 

Sit in overwhelm. 

Pick up already?!

Where’d time go?!

Pick them up. 

Dish them snacks. 

They boycott naptime. 

The meetings continue. 

Multitask to survive. 

Schedule this appointment. 

Pay that bill. 

Check the budget. 

Darn you, Target!

Respond to emails. 

Get off work. 

Unload the dryer.

Fold the clothes.

Put them away

*if time allows.

Change the diaper. 

Back to potty. 

Cook the dinner. 

Did I mention-

witching hour sucks?! 

Feed the household. 

(alternate toddler meal)🤦🏾‍♀️

Dino nuggets, AGAIN?!

Load the dishes.

Wipe the counters.

Sweep the floor.

Take them outside. 

Watch in wonder.

Study their faces. 

See the sunset. 

Admire the magic-

their shadows dancing, 

the backyard pines, 

speaking to you,

making you pause,

breathe breathe breathe. 

Just be still. 

How is it 

that these days 

are so long, 

yet so short? 

Give them baths.

Read them stories. 

Tuck them in. 

Hugs and kisses. 

Grab their faces. 

“I’m so tired.”

But what’s more? 

“I love you.”

This post is a part of the blog tour for The Beauty of Motherhood: Grace-Filled Devotions for the Early Years. With scripture, stories, prayers, and practices, The Beauty of Motherhood provides mothers with refreshment and the reminder that they are not alone as they mother. Order your copy at Amazon, Target or Bookshop.

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