Don’t Miss Your Ministry

It sounded good in theory- squeezing in time, before work, to write a blog post to encourage women.

I drive to work early, on a mission. The words for the blog are written on my heart and ready to be transferred to the computer. This task is written neatly and intentionally in my planner – ripe and ready for execution- like the rest of my “to do’s”. Then, I get word that it is one of our teachers’ first day back from maternity leave. With excitement, I hurry down the hall to her classroom door to greet her and discuss how we can add her to the rotation for the lactation room. She is exiting a meeting. I can see it on her face- she needs a hug. I share a few words of encouragement, in hopes that a smile will return to her face. “Even though it is my third child and third time doing this, saying goodbye never gets easier,” she confesses. We part ways and I head down to tidy up the lactation room. With a piece of printer paper borrowed from the copy machine and a sharpie, I quickly hand write a “Welcome Back” sign and tape it in a noticeable area of the room. It’s not life changing, but it is a small gesture to let her know she is seen, known, and her plight is understood. The potential for me writing the blog post has faded and I’m okay with that. These minutes of detoured plans are not wasted. These minutes are ministry. 

You see, sisters, every minute is ministry. You don’t need a platform, a microphone, a book, a blog, a podcast, or a title to minister to someone’s heart. Those things are great, but God’s love is greater. Maybe instead of writing a blog for women, your mission for today is to hug and affirm the woman who is stressed in the office next door, the woman who has her hands full with kids having meltdowns in Target, or the overwhelmed woman sitting alone in the coffee shop with her face buried in her hands. Maybe instead of speaking on a stage with a fancy message for an audience, your mission for today is to speak life to the people closest to you. Maybe instead of writing another chapter of your book, your mission for today is to write up an encouraging text to a friend who is in a difficult season. Maybe instead of dreaming up another podcast episode topic, your mission for today is to start an in-person conversation with a stranger. Maybe instead of marketing yourself, your mission for today is to market how great God is. God gives us the gift of one another to spread his love here on the Earth- not to point to ourselves and our good works, but to point back to His goodness. When we adopt this perspective, every minute is ministry. God is not impressed by our platforms, but rather, how we serve well in the spaces where He has placed us. These spaces are seen. These moments matter. May we be careful not to miss the ministry that is in our midst. May each minute of our lives preach loudly and rightly proclaim the hope we have in Him. 

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace..” (1 Peter 4:10).

Remain hopeful. Stay anchored. Refuse to sink.


Simone G.

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