Dear Sisters, We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Dear sisters, We ARE fearfully and wonderfully made.
When the enemy tries to creep his way near
And gets close enough to whisper in our ears
And his venom penetrates our soul with doubts and fears,
We must fight back with the truth that our God has made clear. 
We ARE fearfully and wonderfully made.

Dear single sister who is waiting for a mister,
You look up at the sky and ask God, “why?”
Why must I wait , when the years are growing late
and it seems everyone I know has found their soulmate? 
God whispers – “Daughter – I have set you apart in this season with great reason. So, take heart! 
You found your soulmate when I sought you and bought you and you confessed me…
So be glad and serve til I handpick the man of God that you deserve.
And if it’s not my will, you are STILL Fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Dear sister who is feeling invisible and alone , God whispers, “Daughter – you are seen and known.”
He hears your groans, He’s on throne.

He sees your depression, he knows your despair
In your drought season, he is still there.
His living waters are waiting to quench your thirst, 
But you can’t take a sip without putting him first.

When you cry out to him in prayer,
He meets you there
In your despair 
And reminds you that you will survive
And you will thrive 
Because you ARE fearfully and wonderfully made.

Dear sister who is seeking purpose in her everyday,
Your purpose in this life is to put God on display.
Keeping pressing on and He will show you the way.
And as you draw near
He’ll make your paths clear.
Success WILL be a part of your story, if you are truly seeking to bring HIM glory.

Dear sister struggling with low self esteem,
Find confidence in knowing that you’ve been redeemed!
You look in the mirror and see a mess,
But our Father has already called you “blessed.”

Too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall-
God’s hands intentionally created it all.
Your worth is not defined by the image you see,But rather in the fact that you are an image bearer of the Lord…
Stop listening to the words that the Enemy uses to describe you,
And start meditating on the things that are noble and true.
You ARE fearfully and wonderfully made

God created women as precious treasures
And He loves us beyond measure.
If you see your sister down, defeated, and blue,
Remember that her burdens, should be your burdens too.
Stop the jealousy, comparison, judgement and strife,
And choose to love her and to speak life.
When darkness makes the light hard for her to see
Say, “Sis, we already have VICTORY! Can’t you see, we’ve been set free!
Because we ARE fearfully and wonderfully made!” 

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