Dear Mamas

This post is dedicated to the mamas I’ve walked alongside- personally and professionally: The mamas who have sought my advice as a counselor, the mamas who I’ve prayed fiercely for and with, and the “mamas” in my life who do not have children, but have mothered me, just the same. My hands are locked with yours in prayer and my heart is bound to yours in hope. I stand in awe and admiration of you. 
Dear Mama who is with child  and enduring aches and pains as you carry your bundle– anxiously anticipating the day you meet your child face to face. You show the world that it is possible to fall in love with a person, before ever seeing their face. 

Dear Mama with the small, needy children- the mama whose days seem long and eternal with exhaustion, and likewise, short as your babies seem to grow with every blink. You remind the world to snuggle a little closer and love babies a little harder, because they will not stay small or depend on you forever.

Dear Mama who is toiling through the struggle to adopt or to foster – drowning in paperwork, fighting unique battles and power struggles, seeking desperately to love your children in the way they deserve to be loved. You show the world that true love perseveres. 

Dear Mama who feels the pain and pressure to cover the physical and mental scars of infant loss or infertility- the mama who celebrates other mamas well, but longs for the baby you desperately hope for and dream about. You show the world what it means to be resilient and remain hopeful.

Dear Mama who is caring for your children, while working, getting your degree, or pursuing other professional goals- the mama who experiences deep pangs of guilt each time you miss out on a milestone or hurt, have to do a daycare drop off, or feel unavailable. You show the world the art of balancing responsibilities and exude the beautiful reality that women are flexible beings and masters of multi-tasking.

Dear Mama who stays at home with your little ones- the mama who bidded your career, “Farewell”, in order to focus fully on your children, your family, and the needs of your household. You show the world what it looks like to lay down your life for the people you love.

Dear Mama who is single- working tirelessly to make ends meet, do drop-offs, put food on the table, be independent, and maintain normalcy for your children. You prove to the world that superheroes do exist.

Dear Mama who is sitting in the office of a principal, therapist, or doctor- humbly requesting help for your child’s mental or physical concern- the mother with the sick child, the child with a disability, the child with a mental illness, or the child whose behavior is hindering them from reaching their full potential. You show the world what it means to have an advocate and #1 fan. 

Dear Mama who is battling an illness of your own- wondering if you have the physical or mental capacity to care for your children and love them well- You show the world what “fighting the good fight” looks like and you demonstrate to your children what it means to be an overcomer.

Dear Mama with the teenage or young adult children who you imagined would have traveled down a more positive road, but their choices lead to dark, unpaved paths, twists, turns, and detours. The mama who quietly pursues those children through failed expectations and disappointments, greeting them with open arms when the rest of their circle has thrown in the towel. You show the world what it means to love unconditionally.

Dear Mama who buried their child, after an untimely, unexpected death- the mama with the heavy heart, whose wounds are reopened each time Mother’s Day or any holiday rolls around. The mama who will honor these holidays with grave site visits and sweet memories, rather than presents from and dinner with the children you’ve lost. You display that a mother’s love is infinite and does not cease or diminish with death or time.

Dear Mama with grown children- the mama who still cannot sleep until you get the call or text from your kids that says, “I’m safe.” The mama who still tidies the house, buys your children’s favorite things at the grocery store and cooks them a good meal, when you know your “kids” are coming home for a visit. You remind your children that mamas will always be mamas, no matter how old their children get.

Dear Aunt, Grandma, Godmother, or older sibling who is playing the role of a mama- the ones who have stepped up to the plate and accepted responsibility to help raise children who you didn’t birth. You show us that motherhood can look many different ways and that women without children are just as valuable, just as vital, just as influential in the lives of others. 

Each woman, each story is woven together into an ornate tapestry- a beautiful display of motherhood and womanhood. Thank you God, for creating such exquisite beings. I pray that each one has been reminded of their worth.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Remain hopeful. Stay anchored. Refuse to sink.


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