Empowering women to thrive by pursuing Christ + counseling

My name is Simone. I am a woman of faith, wifey to Brandon, mama to Beckham and Haven, and a friend to many. I am a counselor by degree, calligrapher by hobby, and writer by nature. I am the author of the Glimmers of Hope devotional for women.

I am a lover of coffee and conversations with people. Typically, I find joy in exploring local coffee shops, but these days, I take my coffee homemade and reheated as I care for two under two!

Welcome to my space. This blog, my etsy shop, and my book were birthed out of dark seasons of my life, in hopes of  radiating light and hope to others. My mission for my online presence is to help women thrive by pursuing Christ and counseling. I combine my love for God’s word with my knowledge of mental health to help women strive for personal growth. Whether you are on the couch or behind a desk, grab a warm (or lukewarm) drink and be encouraged. You are seen, accepted and valued here. 

Remain hopeful. Stay anchored. Refuse to sink.

Sincerely, Simone G